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Helping Founders Hire Top Leadership Talent for their Startup

We offer specialized Leadership Hiring Services tailored specifically for startups. Whether you're seeking a CTO, CFO, Head of Engineering, Head of Strategy or any other Leadership Talent, we can help you find the right fit crucial for long-term growth and sustainability of your startup!!

Tech & Design Leaders we help Hire

CTO, Director of Engineering, Engineering Manager, Head Design, CPO, Head of Product Management, Head Program Management, Head UI-UX Design, and more

Extensive Candidate Mapping

We conduct thorough market research and candidate mapping, including passive candidates, to identify potential candidates who align with your specific requirements and culture. We cast a wide net and leave no stone unturned in our search for the perfect fit.

Confidential Search

We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality when conducting leadership searches. If desired, we can conduct a confidential search, ensuring that your hiring intentions remain confidential until you're ready to make a formal announcement.

Business Leaders we help Hire

Head of Strategy, Head of Operations, Chief of Staff, CMO, Marketing Head, Head HR, Business Head, CHRO, CBO, Head Sales and more 

Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation

Once potential candidates are identified, we conduct a rigorous evaluation process providing you with a detailed report for every candidate, outlining their technical expertise, behavioral strengths, and leadership skills and style. 

Proven Track Record in Startup Hiring

We specialize in working with startups and understand the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Our team has a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and knows what it takes to succeed in this competitive landscape.

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